FMA weapon and training methods

There are many weapons and training methods used in the study and practice of Filipino martial arts.

Solo baston/Single Stick

Solo Baston or single stick is a form of fighting in which an eskrimador uses a stick measuring about 20-28 inches in length with thickness variation. The live hand or guard hand is used for parrying and striking the weapon away from the opponent.

Doble Baston/Double Stick

Double sticks or Doble Baston refers to the use of two equal-length sticks. It is effectively used for balance movement especially when practicing sinawali drill or twirling exercise.

Espada’y Daga

Espada y daga or sword and knife, Also known as punta’ y daga in Kali’s Ilustrisimo refers to the point of the sword which is used for thrusting or slashing and in coordination with the dagger/knife as a secondary weapon for defense.


Karambit knife is designed for slashing. The blade is often used with a hooking motion, similar to the waving or twirling movement one might use while cutting through.